What two valuable trade goods helped build the wealth and size of the West African kingdoms?

Slaves became a valuable trade item in West Africa. Use the graphic organizer online to take notes on the rise of early African kingdoms and the role of trade in their development. Ghana’s rulers grew wealthy by controlling trade in salt and gold. Salt came from the north in large slabs, and gold came from the south.

Which two trade goods helped the West African kingdoms became rich and powerful?

Over time, the slave trade became even more important to the West African economy. Kings traded slaves for valuable good, such as horses from the Middle East and textiles and weapons from Europe. The ​transSaharan​ slave trade contributed to the power of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai.

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What were the two most valuable trade items in West Africa?

The two most important trade items were gold and salt.

Which two trade goods were important to early West African kingdoms?

What did they trade? The main items traded were gold and salt. The gold mines of West Africa provided great wealth to West African Empires such as Ghana and Mali. Other items that were commonly traded included ivory, kola nuts, cloth, slaves, metal goods, and beads.

What was the main source of the wealth and power of all the West African empires?

Rapidly growing trade brought a lot of wealth and power to West Africa, just as the Ghana Empire was getting its start. The Ghana Empire, in particular, grew rich from the trans-Sahara trade. It certainly helped that the empire had control over the three major gold fields to the south of them.

Which empire became the strongest in West Africa?

The most powerful of these states was the Songhai Empire, which expanded rapidly beginning with king Sonni Ali in the 1460s. By 1500, it had risen to stretch from Cameroon to the Maghreb, the largest state in African history.

How did Mali grow and become rich and powerful?

Mansa Musa inherited a kingdom that was already wealthy, but his work in expanding trade made Mali the wealthiest kingdom in Africa. His riches came from mining significant salt and gold deposits in the Mali kingdom. Elephant ivory was another major source of wealth.

What was the source of great Zimbabwe’s wealth?

Great Zimbabwe was a center for trading, and its wealth was mostly acquired thanks to the trade of ivory, and more importantly, gold. Some estimates indicate that more than 20 million ounces of gold were extracted from the ground.

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What role did Berbers play in African trade?

What role did Berbers play in African trade? they carried trade across the desert, helping to make countries and kingdoms prosper.

What impact did trade have on West Africa?

By providing firearms amongst the trade goods, Europeans increased warfare and political instability in West Africa. Some states, such as Asante and Dahomey, grew powerful and wealthy as a result. Other states were completely destroyed and their populations decimated as they were absorbed by rivals.

Which two trade goods were the most important to the African trading?

Sahelian kingdoms had several things in common, and one of the most important ones was the fact that they were able to control the trade routes that travelled through the desert. This allowed the kingdoms to actively participate in trading, and much of their wealth originated in the trade of salt and gold.

How did the Niger River encourage trade?

Why did the Niger river encourage trade? You could ride along the river to get from place to place. Also you could fish and farm from the river and fertile soil. Why extended family groups settle south of the Sahara?

Which two trade goods were the most important to the African trading empires?

What were Ghana’s two most important trade items? Gold was found in a forest region between the Niger and Senegal rivers. 2/3s of the world’s gold came from West Africa. Where was gold found in Ghana?

Why were some kings of Ghana so wealthy?

Why were some kings Ghana so wealthy? Kings of Ghana grew rich from the gold-salt trade. They taxed gold producers and every load of goods that entered or left Ghana.

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What were the most powerful empires in Africa?

7 Influential African Empires

  • The Kingdom of Kush. Meroë is an ancient city on the east bank of the Nile app. …
  • The Land of Punt. Papyrus showing preparations for an Egyptian journey to Punt. ( …
  • Carthage. Tunisia, Carthage. ( …
  • The Kingdom of Aksum. Coins from Aksum. ( …
  • The Mali Empire. …
  • The Songhai Empire. …
  • The Great Zimbabwe. …
  • 7 Brutal Sieges.


How did West Africa get so wealthy?

The king of Ghana spread his power through trade. Gold, ivory, and slaves were bartered for salt from the Arabs. Horses, cloth, swords and books were bartered from North Africans and Europeans. Ghana achieved much of its wealth by trading with the Arabs.

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