What skills are needed in South Africa?

What skills are in demand in South Africa?

CareerJunction has published its latest Index, showing which job skills are most in-demand in South Africa right now.

This includes:

  • Construction Project Managers;
  • Civil engineers;
  • Civil Engineering Technologists;
  • Architect;
  • Civil Engineering Technicians;
  • Building Inspectors;
  • Carpenters;
  • Plumbers;


Which careers are in demand in South Africa?

High Demand Jobs In South Africa

  • Digital economy.
  • Energy.
  • Infrastructure development.
  • Data scientists.
  • Web developers.
  • Electrical engineers.
  • Tool makers.
  • Crop produce analysts.


Which skills are scarce in South Africa?

A summarised overview of some of the skills in-demand can be found in the table below.

Here is the list of critical skills needed in South Africa.

Actuary Dockmaster ICT systems analyst
Architect General medical practitioner Mechanical engineer
Chef Geologist Multimedia designer
Chief information officer Geophysicist Network analyst
Civil engineer Hydrologist Quantity surveyor

Which jobs are in demand in South Africa 2020?

Jobs that are in demand across different sectors.

  • Agricultural Scientist.
  • Food and Beverage Scientist.
  • Web Designer.
  • Multimedia Designer.
  • Software Developer.
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Which job in South Africa pays the most?

In the video the “Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa” we look at which professions have the highest earning power.

  1. Software Engineers – R1.2 million p/a. …
  2. Pilots – R695,800 p/a. …
  3. Lawyers – R655,000 p/a. …
  4. IT Managers – R620,230 p/a. …
  5. Medical Specialists – R616,000 p/a.


What are the top 10 scarce skills in South Africa?

1. Information technology and communication

  • Information technology and telecommunications directors.
  • IT specialist managers.
  • IT project and programme managers.
  • IT business analysts, architects and systems designers.
  • Web design and development professionals.
  • Programmers and software development professionals.


What is the best career in South Africa?

List Of The Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa

  • Chartered Accountant. The job of a chartered accountant is not for everyone. …
  • Management Consultant. Simply put, management consultants help organizations improve their performance. …
  • Engineers. …
  • Specialist Doctors. …
  • IT Managers. …
  • Pilots. …
  • Software Engineers.

What jobs will never go away?

Some jobs will never disappear and others will be gone by 2030.

5 jobs that will disappear by 2030

  • Travel agent. It amazes me that a travel agent is still a job in 2020. …
  • Taxi drivers. …
  • Store cashiers. …
  • Fast food cooks. …
  • Administrative legal jobs.


What is the best career to study in South Africa?

Best career to study for in South Africa in 2021

  • Graphic Design Courses.
  • Business Management Courses.
  • Engineering Courses.
  • Financial Management Courses.
  • Human Resources Courses.
  • Public Management Courses.
  • Public Relations Courses.
  • Sales and Marketing Courses.
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What do doctors earn in South Africa?

The average medical doctor salary in South Africa is R 660 000 per year or R 338 per hour. Entry level positions start at R 403 500 per year while most experienced workers make up to R 8 460 000 per year.

What jobs are in-demand in 2020?

The 20 Most In-Demand Jobs Heading into 2020

  • Physical Therapist. The increasing life expectancy and the growing number of senior citizens have increased the need for physical therapy technicians. …
  • Software Developer. …
  • Digital Content Specialist. …
  • Computer Systems Analyst. …
  • 3D Printing Technician. …
  • Smart-Building Technician. …
  • Physician Assistant. …
  • Wind Energy Technician.

How can I settle in South Africa?

7 Tips to help you settle into your new life in South Africa

  1. Expect the unexpected. The biggest mistake you can make is assuming that things are going to work the same as back home. …
  2. Get to know your neighbourhood. …
  3. Make real-life connections. …
  4. Be a tourist in your city. …
  5. Make your new place feel like home. …
  6. Talk to your colleagues. …
  7. Establish a routine.

Which career has the most job opportunities?

50 Careers With The Most Job Openings

# Occupation Workers 2020
1 Cashiers, except gaming 171,990
2 Retail salespersons 162,690
3 Waiters and waitresses 146,620
4 Customer service representatives 110,840

Which careers will always be in demand?

10 Best Careers for the Future: Highest Paying & in Demand

  1. Registered Nurses and Medical Professionals. …
  2. Data Analysts. …
  3. Plumbers and Electricians. …
  4. Dentists and Dental Hygienists. …
  5. Software Developers. …
  6. Cybersecurity Experts. …
  7. Alternative Energy Installers and Technicians. …
  8. Mental Health Professionals.
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