What is the average usage of water per person in South Africa?

“Average water consumption in South Africa is 235 litres per capita per day compared to a world average of 185,” said Tau.

How much water does the average person use per day in Africa?

The average per capita (per person/ per day) use of water in Africa is 47 liters/person/day.

What is the average consumption of water per person?

Estimates vary, but, on average, each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day, for indoor home uses. Are you surprised that the largest use of household water is to flush the toilet, and after that, to take showers and baths?

How much water does an average household use per month?

The water industry estimates that an average person uses 3,000 gallons of water monthly, so a family of 4 would use 12,000 gallons for bathing, cooking, washing, recreation and watering.

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How much water does the average person use a day in Litres?

On average, a typical household in our region uses around 200 litres of drinking water per person per day.

Which country uses the most water per person per day?

The U.S. uses a large amount of water each day compared to other countries.

  • Average person in U.S.: 156 gallons a day.
  • Average person in France: 77 gallons a day.
  • Average person in India: 38 gallons a day.
  • Average person in Mali: 3 gallons a day.

How much water does a 20 minute shower use?

Water used in a 20 minute shower depends on the shower head. If you are using a low flow showerhead, less water will be used, but the pressure will be less. If you use a rain type shower head, more water will be used. On an average, 5L of water is used per minute of shower.

How do you calculate water consumption?

To determine your dollar amount of water consumption, multiply the units used by your current water rate.

How much water does a family of 4 use per month?

The typical family of four uses approximately 12,000 gallons, or 16 CCF, of water per month.

How much water does a family of 3 use per month?

On an average, 5L of water is used per minute of shower. How many gallons of water does a family of 3 use per month? Let’s look at your daily per person usage. If you used 24,000 gallons, we’ll divide by 3 people = 8,000 gallons per person per month.

What uses most water in a house?

Daily Water Usage at Home

  • 24% – Toilet. 18-24 gallons. …
  • 20% – Shower. 20-50 gallons. …
  • 19% – Faucets. 26 gallons. …
  • 17% – Washing Machine. 30 gallons. …
  • 6% – Miscellaneous. The remaining 6 percent are from a variety of sources, such as bathtubs which take up to 36 gallons to fill, or dishwashing which can use up to 30 gallons per load.
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How much water is used in a 5 minute shower?

With a low-flow showerhead, you can expect to use about two gallons of water each minute, equating to 10 gallons over a 5-minute period. If a standard showerhead is fit, the shower will likely emit around an extra half gallon of water per minute, so a 5-minute shower will use in the region of 12.5 gallons.

How much water does a 2 minute shower use?

While the law mandates new shower heads have a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, you can find shower heads with even lower flow rates — 0.75 gallons per minute, 1 gallon per minute, 1.5 gallons per minute, 1.75 gallons per minute, and 2 gallons per minute — although doing so may require a little more effort …

How much water is required per person per day?

There are many different opinions on just how much water you should be drinking every day. Health experts commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon a day. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember.

How many Litres of water does a family of 4 use per day?

August to October

People in the home Small property Less than 500 m2 Medium property 501 m2 to 700 m2
1 person 193 L/day 195 L/day
2 people 341 L/day 350 L/day
3 people 447 L/day 462 L/day
4 people 512 L/day 532 L/day

How many Litres of water does a family of 4 use?

This means an average family of four in the UK could use more than 500 litres each day. To help people understand the amount of water they use, water companies want government to do more to embed water efficiency in our national psyche.

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