What if South Africa joined the Axis?

South Africa would have been nearly destroyed, so the axis powers would have sent reinforcements. And possibly if this happened before the North African offensive by the British, they might of sent Rommel. … Then America and Britain would have destroyed the Medditerraenan and invaded Germany from Italy.

What would happen if America joined the Axis?

If the United States did join the Axis powers, it’s entire prewar policy would not move in favor of peaceful isolation but that of expansive military development and not the reactionary type the U.S adopted in our time line. France will likely go the same route of defeat.

What if Argentina and Brazil joined the Axis?

Now that Argentina has joined the Axis, Brazil and probably Chile would use that as an excuse to settle old scores, and perhaps other countries such as Bolivia, Peru, etc would be pulled into this war as well under U.S diplomatic pressure and/or promises of regaining lost territory.

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Did South Africa participate in WW2?

In September 1939, World War II broke out. In South Africa, people were divided as to whether or not they should join the war, and if so, on whose side they should fight. … South Africa then joined the war on the Allies’ side, and fought major battles in North Africa, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Italy.

Was South Africa an axis?

The Republic of South Africa is a sovereign nation that occupies a large portion of the Southern part of the African continent. A loyal member of the Axis Powers, its ruling white minority exerts brutal control over the black majority, subjecting the indigenous population to near-slavery.

What if US never joined WW2?

Without the American entry into World War II, it’s possible Japan would have consolidated its position of supremacy in East Asia and that the war in Europe could have dragged on for far longer than it did.

What if US entered WW2 earlier?

If the US joined earlier than December 1941, they would still have needed the same amount of time they did historically to get their economy going. … Another important event, the capture of France in 1940, may have been prevented by early U.S. involvement, but then D-Day would not have happened in all likelihood.

What if Portugal joined the Axis?

Portugal did maintain neutrality. … Spain suffered civil war and its regime later joined Axis side, only to find themselves neutrality. So, if Portugal and Spain joined the war, Portugal would definitely be on British side, and Spain would be invaded.

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What would have happened if Turkey joined the Axis?

If Turkey joined at before the end of 1940 it would have been an easy Axis victory. Turkey gives the Germans a railway line all the way to the border of Palestine via pro German Vichy Syria. … Russia would have to contend with a push from Turkey and up from Iran, both very close to its oil.

What if Ireland joined the Axis?

Ireland was a poor country with a very small army in 1939. If it had joined the Axis it would have been the first priority for Britain to drive out the Germans. Britain had a strong foothold in the North. … Post War Ireland would have suffered at the hand of the victorious British who would have seen this as a betrayal.

Why did South Africa declare war on Germany?

Declaration of war against the Axis

Immediately, Smuts set about fortifying South Africa against any possible German sea invasion because of South Africa’s global strategic importance controlling the long sea route around the Cape of Good Hope.

Did Germany invade South Africa?

The South African invasion of German South West Africa (GSWA) in September 1914 was specifically aimed at securing several strategic British war objectives. The invasion was the first time that the Union Defence Force (UDF) was deployed operationally in the event of war.

Who did South Africa support in ww2?

Smuts then became the prime minister, and South Africa declared war on Germany. South Africa made significant contributions to the Allied war effort. Some 135,000 white South Africans fought in the East and North African and Italian campaigns, and 70,000 Blacks and Coloureds served as labourers and transport drivers.

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What happened in 1910 South Africa?

Launch of Union 1910

On the 31 May 1910, exactly eight years after the Boers had made peace with the English through the Treaty of Vereeniging, South Africa became a Union. Despite the mistrust in the Boer camp, the Afrikaners, as they now became known, had negotiated and achieved self-determination.

Which war changed the fate of South Africa?

In Pretoria, representatives of Great Britain and the Boer states sign the Treaty of Vereeniging, officially ending the three-and-a-half-year South African Boer War.

When did Britain withdraw from South Africa?

The country became a fully sovereign nation state within the British Empire, in 1934 following enactment of the Status of the Union Act. The monarchy came to an end on 31 May 1961, replaced by a republic as the consequence of a 1960 referendum, which legitimised the country becoming the Republic of South Africa.

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