What factors contributed to the growth of independence movements in both Africa and India?

Major factors influencing the independence movement were British colonialism, the soaring Indian population, and the rigid class structure of Indian society. British racial attitudes particularly offended the better-educated Indians.

What caused the African independence movements?

Attracted by the promise of wealth from gold, diamonds, exotic hardwoods, and other natural riches, European nations claimed large portions of Africa for their colonial empires. Besides seizing the land of Africans, the Europeans also destroyed many of their freedoms and their institutions of government.

Which factor strongly contributed to most independence movements in Africa and Asia after WWII?

The reasons independence movements in Africa and Asia were able to gain strength after WWII were because after the war the colonial powers of Biritan and France, and the US spoke out about colonialism and some other European nations saw that they had to give up their colonial empires.

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What led to an Indian independence movement?

The rebellion was the result of decades of ethnic and cultural differences between Indian soldiers and their British officers. The indifference of the British towards Indian rulers like the Mughals and ex- Peshwas and the annexation of Oudh were political factors triggering dissent amongst Indians.

What were some methods used in Africa to achieve independence?

The non-violent techniques included hunger strikes, economical sabotage through boycotting the purchase of British products, lack of cooperation through labor strikes and political/ constitutional negotiations and dialogue.

How did World War 2 affect African independence?

The Second World War was a catalyst for African political freedom and independence. The war helped build strong African nationalism, which resulted in a common goal for all Africans to fight for their freedom. … Nazi Germany was trapped on both fronts and eventually stopped fighting after May of 1945.

Which African country was the first to gain independence?


Rank Country Independence date
1 Liberia 26 July 1847
2 South Africa 31 May 1910
3 Egypt 28 February 1922
4 Eritrea 10 February 1947

What factors led to decolonization?

Factors that led to decolonization:

  • After World War II, European countries lacked the wealth and political support necessary to suppress far-away revolts.
  • They could not oppose the new superpowers the U.S. and the Soviet Union’s stands against colonialism.
  • Strong independence movements in colonies.


What problems did African countries faced after independence?

One of the most pressing challenges African states faced at Independence was their lack of infrastructure. European imperialists prided themselves on bringing civilization and developing Africa, but they left their former colonies with little in the way of infrastructure.

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Why did modern nationalism develop in Asia between the first and second world wars?

Nationalists in Asia were roused to action by broken promises of independence, exposure to democratic and republican ideas while fighting for their colonial overlords, and the mandate system, which showed that Western imperialists did not plan to give up their colonial territories . ; In addition, Nationalism’s appeal …

What was the immediate result of the Indian independence?

The work of these various movements ultimately led to the Indian Independence Act 1947, which ended the suzerainty in India, and the creation of Pakistan.

What were the two main reasons that the British granted independence to India?

World War II had depleted the resources of the British Empire, making it economically unstable. B: Gandhi convinced the British government to free India with his nonviolent peace talks. Explanation: WWII gravely sapped the quality of the United Kingdom.

Why did British give up India?

1947: Partition of India

During World War Two, the British had mobilised India’s resources for their imperial war effort. They crushed the attempt of Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian National Congress to force them to ‘quit India’ in 1942. … For this reason, Britain was desperate to keep India (and its army) united.

What methods should be used to gain independence?

12 Ways to Gain Independence

  • Declare Independence from people who whine and bring down your day.
  • Declare Independence from those stuck in mediocrity, who force it upon others.
  • Declare Independence from those who criticize you without consideration.
  • Declare Independence from family members who do not support you.
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Why was Africa colonized so late?

European presence in the black continent actually started before their presence in the New World. However, Caucasians there faced the same problem Native Americans had – Europeans lacked immunity to tropical diseases prevalent in Africa, to which Africans did have inherited resistance.

Which African country is still Colonised?

Western Sahara is still colonized because it is rich in natural resources that became a sort of curse to the Saharawi people, and free stolen goods to those countries and governments exploiting it in complicity with Morocco. And the list of the guilty plunderers of this African country is huge.

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