What do they eat on Christmas in Africa?

The Christmas meal is either turkey, duck, roast beef or suckling pig with yellow rice & raisins and vegetables, followed by Christmas Pudding or a traditional South African dessert called Malva Pudding (sometimes also called Lekker Pudding) – get the recipe.

What traditions does Africa have for Christmas?

From a camel-riding Santa to masquerade parties, here are 6 wonderful African Christmas traditions.

  • Church services and Christmas caroling. …
  • Special Christmas feasts. …
  • Not everyone believes in Santa Claus. …
  • Christmas isn’t on the same day everywhere in Africa. …
  • Gift-giving at Christmas time. …
  • Unique Christmas decorations.


What do blacks eat for Christmas?

Other items including, corn bread, biscuits, dressing (not stuffing), gumbo, chicken and dumplings, and a variety of rice dishes (i.e. pigeon peas and rice, yellow rice, jambalaya or white rice paired with black eyed peas, traditionally called Hoppin’ John) or butter beans are all found on the holiday table in black …

What do Africans eat on holidays?

A common holiday meal in South Africa consists of rock lobster tail, lamb or pork served with cabbage and mealie bread, as an appetizer or with the meal. Typical side dishes include chopped vegetables and chutneys called sambals, pickled fruits and vegetables known as atjar, yams, geel rice and green beans.

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How do they celebrate Christmas in South Africa?

As in most other countries, South Africans celebrate Christmas with a cooked dinner shared among family and friends. This is usually a roast, which includes a variety of meats including gammon, chicken, turkey, beef and/or fish. … Some families prefer a cold meal, which would include salads, cold meats and fruit.

What is Santa called in Africa?

Santa Claus is also known as Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) & Kersvader (Father Christmas) for people who speak Afrikaans (which has a base in Dutch).

What do they call Santa in Mexico?

Spanish: Papa Noel (lit.

While in countries like Mexico and Venezuela, presents might also be brought by El Niñito Dios (baby Jesus) or Santo Clós (Santa Claus).

What special food is eaten on Christmas?

You won’t believe what they eat in Japan on Christmas Day. Here in the United States, traditional Christmas meals usually consist of a turkey or a roast, a glass of eggnog, and plenty of festive cookies.

How do you say Merry Christmas in African?

How to Say “Merry Christmas” in 22 African Languages

  1. Afrikaans (South Africa): Geseënde Kersfees.
  2. Akan (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin): Afishapa.
  3. Amharic (Ethiopia): Melikam Gena.
  4. Chewa (Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe): Moni Wa Chikondwelero Cha Kristmasi.
  5. Dagbani (Ghana): Ni ti Burunya Chou.
  6. Edo (Nigeria): Iselogbe.


What are African holidays?

African Celebrations and Festivals FAQ

  • New Year’s Day.
  • Anniversary of Barthelemy Boganda’s Death (29th March)
  • Easter Monday.
  • Independence Day (August 13th)
  • Feast of the Assumption (August 15th)
  • National Day (December 1st)
  • Christmas Day.

What do South Africans typically eat?

Today, South Africans enjoy not only beef, but mutton, goat, chicken and other meats as a centerpiece of a meal. On weekends, many South African families have a braai, and the meal usually consists of pap en vleis, which is maize meal and grilled meat.

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What do they eat on Christmas in Mexico?

Mexican Christmas Foods

  • Red Pork Tamales. These pork tamales are filled with tender pieces of pork simmered in a delicious red chile sauce. …
  • Chicken Pozole Verde. …
  • Champurrado. …
  • Mexican Slow Cooker Chicken Posole. …
  • Mexican Ponche. …
  • Easy Cranberry Margarita. …
  • Mexican Bunuelos. …
  • Marranitos (Mexican Gingerbread Pigs)


Do Africans get presents on Christmas?

The emphasis is more on the religious celebration of the birth of Jesus than it is on gift giving. The most common gift bought at Christmas is new clothes, usually intended to be worn to church. In rural Africa, few people can afford frivolous gifts or toys, and in any case, there are not many places to buy them.

What do South African people call Santa?

Merry Christmas in South African (Afrikaans) “Geseende Kersfees,” and Santa Claus is known as “Sinterklaas” or “Kersvader.”

Why does Africa celebrate Christmas?

Christmas Day, celebrated on December 25 in Catholic, Protestant, and most Orthodox churches, is a public holiday in South Africa. On this day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. … Historians differ about when Christians first began celebrating the Nativity of Christ.

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