What are the 8 names of the metropolitan municipalities in South Africa?

What is a metropolitan area in South Africa?

In South Africa, a metropolitan municipality or Category A municipality is a municipality which executes all the functions of local government for a city or conurbation. This is by contrast to areas which are primarily rural, where the local government is divided into district municipalities and local municipalities.

What is the name of the municipality in South Africa?

Metropolitan municipalities

Name Code Province
City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality JHB Gauteng
City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality TSH Gauteng
eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality ETH KwaZulu-Natal
Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality MAN Free State

What are the categories of municipalities in South Africa?

Municipalities can belong to one of three categories: metropolitan, district and local (referred to in the constitution as categories A, B and C).

What is the biggest metro in South Africa?

Top ten largest municipalities in South Africa as of 2016

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Characteristic Number of residents
City of Johannesburg 4,949,347
City of Cape Town 4,005,015
eThekwini 3,702,231
Ekurhuleni 3,379,104

Which is the richest municipality in South Africa?

The richest municipalities in SA

# Municipality Town/City
1 Johannesburg Johannesburg
2 Tshwane Pretoria
3 Cape Town Cape Town
4 Ekurhuleni Germiston

What are the names of the Metropolitan in South Africa?

South Africa has eight metropolitan municipalities, namely:

  • Buffalo City (East London)
  • City of Cape Town.
  • Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (East Rand)
  • City of eThekwini (Durban)
  • City of Johannesburg. …
  • Mangaung Municipality (Bloemfontein)
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality (Port Elizabeth)

What are the 3 categories of local government?

Local government and municipalities

These are known as municipalities. There are three categories of municipality. Metropolitan municipalities – defined as category A – govern the major city regions. District municipalities, category C, are for wider areas outside the cities, like counties in the US and UK.

What is the difference between district and municipal?

As nouns the difference between district and municipality

is that district is an administrative division of an area while municipality is a district with a government that typically encloses no other governed districts; a borough, city, or incorporated town or village.

What are the three categories of municipalities?

The Constitution introduced three categories of local government: Single tier Category A municipalities. Two-tier local government in Category B and C municipalities where a Category C municipality shares jurisdiction with a number of Category B municipalities.

What are the four types of municipalities?

Each county is divided into municipal corporations, which can be one of four types: cities, boroughs, townships, and incorporated towns.

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What is the role of municipalities in South Africa?

A municipality has the right to govern, on its own initiative, the local government affairs of its community, subject to national and provincial legislation, as provided for in the Constitution.

What are the types of municipality?

After the 74th Amendment was enacted there are only three categories of urban local bodies: Mahanagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation) (महानगर निगम) Nagar Palika (Municipality)(नगर पालिका) Nagar Panchayat (Notified Area Council or City Council)(नगर पंचायत)

Which is the largest location in South Africa?

Looking at townships, however, the most recent population data from Stats SA shows that Soweto is by far the biggest in the country, located on the South Western area of the metro.

Which is the biggest township in SA?

Largest townships

Township Population Neighbouring city/town
Soweto 1,271,628 Johannesburg
Tembisa 463,109 Kempton Park
Katlehong 407,294 Germiston
Umlazi 404,811 Durban

How many towns do we have in South Africa?

There are 9 cities in South Africa. Johannesburg is the biggest city and is the most developed, Cape Town is the most beautiful, Pretoria is widely considered as the country’s capital though there 3 capital cities, Durban is a favorite city to most South Africans according to recent studies.

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