What are some problems created by tourism in East Africa?

Other challenges affecting the potential for tourism to flourish include political stability and governance, infrastructure development, service standards, and human capacity just to name a few.

Most African countries receive minimal support from government treasuries to develop tourism infrastructure. Finally the brand image of Africa has unfortunately been one of poverty, hunger, war, strife, epidemic diseases and other such negative perceptions.

What are the problems of tourism in Kenya?

Degradation of Kenya’s natural wildlife and coastal beach resources, which historically have been the base of Kenya’s tourism, occasioned by increased human settlement, overcrowding and poorly planned or unplanned tourism development continue to challenge the sustainability of tourism.

Why is tourism bad in Africa?

More Tourists Means a Bigger Negative Environmental Impact

Today, there are in excess of 25 permanent lodges and well over 3,000 beds. This steep rise in visitor numbers has had a severely negative impact on Africa’s natural environment; from severely damaged roads to loss of habitat, vegetation and migratory patterns.

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Is tourism the answer to development in East Africa?

Although tourism has benefitted the East Africa Community region, the benefits have not been equally shared; Burundi, for example, has been left behind in tourism development mainly because of years of instability, inadequately trained human resources, investment, and planning.

Does tourism have a future in Africa?

Indeed, each year, approximately 1 billion people travel internationally. By 2030, consumer spending on tourism, hospitality, and recreation in Africa is projected to reach about $261.77 billion, $137.87 billion more than in 2015.

Is tourism good for African countries?

– Tourism is one of the key industries driving the change in the continent of Africa and it provides multiple opportunities for economic growth and improved livelihoods.

Which is the main problem facing tourism in Kenya?

The major problems facing domestic tourism were found to include low levels of income among the local people, lack of awareness, high prices of tourist products, lack of promotion, general economic instability and’lack of information on the local market.

What negative impacts are directly caused by tourism in Kenya?

Negatives of tourism

1. Foreign companies may bring foreign workers to do the skilled jobs; so local people only do low skilled, poorly paid work. 2. Important projects for local communities might be side lined as infrastructure developments are focused on tourists.

What are the positive impacts of tourism in Kenya?

Positive Impacts of tourism on the area- The main positive impact of tourism in Kenya is that we bring in money which has several different effects. Because of the money we bring in we buy souvenirs and food ect that supports the locals and helps them make a living.

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How can we improve tourism in Africa?

5 Ways to Enhance Tourism in Africa

  1. Encourage Development of Low-Volume Safari Products at a Mid-Range Price Point. …
  2. Support Easier-Access to New Destinations across Africa. …
  3. Harness Digital Marketing to Share Family Travel Stories in Africa. …
  4. Transform tourism product into an experience that visitors can be proud of.


What are the most visited countries in Africa?

These are the Most Visited Countries in Africa

  • Morocco. The most visited country in Africa is Morocco. …
  • Egypt. In 2019 there were an impressive 11.3 million visitors to Egypt, making this the second most visited country in Africa. …
  • South Africa. For years I have been in love with South Africa. …
  • Tunisia. …
  • Zimbabwe. …
  • Côte d’Ivoire. …
  • Uganda. …
  • Kenya.

How important is tourism to Africa?

The tourism industry offers many opportunities to invest in Africa’s rich local communities, generate economic activity, and create employment opportunities for women and young people. By 2030, consumer spending in hospitality and recreation in Africa is projected to reach about $261.77 billion.

How much money does Africa get from tourists?

The tourism industry in Africa has for a long time been among the top earner for most countries bringing in collective revenue of $168 billion and creating jobs for 24.6 million people in 2019 alone.

Why is East Africa suitable for tourism?

It is a country rich in biodiversity, culture and natural beauty. According to Lonely Planet, it’s one of the most species-rich countries on the planet. In one day’s time it’s possible to travel from Ecuador’s eastern Amazon region, across the Andes and out to the Pacific coast.

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Why is it difficult to achieve sustainable tourism?

It was found that the factors that have emerged as challenges to sustainable tourism development related to priorities of national economic policy, the structure of public administration, an emergence of environmental issues, over commercialisation, and the structure of international tourism system.

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