Quick Answer: What is the second longest river in Africa Answers com?

Following the Nile, the second longest river in Africa is the Congo, also called the Zaire or Congo-Chambeshi River.

Which river is the second longest river in Africa?

Congo River, formerly Zaire River, river in west-central Africa. With a length of 2,900 miles (4,700 km), it is the continent’s second longest river, after the Nile.

Which is the largest river in Africa Answers com?

The largest river in Africa is the Nile river.

Which river is the first longest river in Africa?

Nile River: Longest river in Africa ‘Blue Nile River Dam’ dey cause Egypt-Ethiopia kasala – Read wetin you need to know.

What is the longest river in the world answers com?

The River Nile in Africa, is generally considered to be the longest river in the World. Its length is 6,650 km (4,132 miles). The length of the Nile river is 7,088 km (4,405 miles). It is the longest river of the world.

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What is the deepest river in the world?

In addition, the Congo River is the world’s deepest recorded river at 720 feet (220 meters) deep in parts — too deep for light to penetrate, The New York Times reported.

Which is the shortest river in the world?

The Roe River is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s shortest river. The Roe flows 200 feet between Giant Springs and the Missouri River near Great Falls. The Roe River competes with the D River in Lincoln City, Oregon for the title of the shortest river.

Which is the largest river in Africa apex?

The Nile is the longest river in the world, extending for about 6700 kilometers from its headwaters in the highlands of eastern Africa. At the apex of the fertile Nile River Delta is the Egyptian capital city of Cairo.

Which country in Africa has the largest river?

The Nile River in Egypt. As the world’s second largest continent, Africa is home to some of the longest rivers in the world.

The Longest Rivers in Africa.

Rank 1
River Nile-Kagera
Length (kilometres) 6,853
Countries Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan

Which country has most river?

Russia (36 Rivers) Russia is the largest country in the world, so it seems apt that it also possess the most rivers over 600 miles in length.

What is the second widest river in the world?

Amazon River: Second longest and the largest by water flow

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Amazon River of South America is the second longest river in the world with a length of 6,400 km.

What is the longest river in the United States answers com?

The Mississippi river is the largest and the longest river in the U.S and North America.

What three rivers make up Latin America’s second largest system?

The second most important drainage system, estimated to cover some 1.2 million square miles (3.2 million square km), is formed by the Paraguay, Paraná, and Uruguay rivers. Those rivers empty into the Río de la Plata, which actually is an estuary and not a river.

What is the longest river in the Western Hemisphere and the second longest in the world answers com?

The Amazon River in South America is the second-longest river in the world. The Amazon has more water than any other river. It has more water than the Nile, the Mississippi, and the Yangtze combined.

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