Question: Where were the headquarters of Ibeaco in East Africa?

➢ The headquarters of IBEACO were established in Mombasa.

When was Ibeaco formed?


Who was the founder of Ibeaco in Uganda?

Imperial British East Africa Company

Type Public
Founder William Mackinnon
Defunct 1896
Fate Bankruptcy, territory became Uganda Protectorate and East Africa Protectorate
Area served East Africa Uganda Kenya

Who was the founder of Ibeco?

Вильям Маккиннон

Who was the first colonial commissioner of the British East Africa Protectorate?

The East Africa Protectorate was then proclaimed, with Sir Arthur Hardinge as the first commissioner.

Why did Ibeaco withdraw from East Africa?

➢ To defend British colonial interests in East Africa. ➢ To stop slave trade in East Africa. Why IBEACO withdrew her activities in East Africa. IBEACO ran bankrupt (shortage of funds ) • IBEACO lacked man power/ shortage of labour force.

Why did Ibeac withdraw from Uganda?

Factors that Led to the Withdrawal of Chartered Companies in Africa. and Uganda under the British control. … The failure to stamp out slave trade by specific chartered companies made the home government to come and take over the control of the African territories.

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What problems did the British Imperial East Africa Company encounter in administering the Kenyan protectorate?

There was inadequate capital to carry out its operations thus making the administration of the protectorate ineffective. Unfavourable climatic conditions/ tropical diseases claimed lives of some of the company personnel. Lack of enough personnel. Rivalry from German East Africa affected its operations.

What was Kenya called before independence?

The British Empire established the East Africa Protectorate in 1895, from 1920 known as the Kenya Colony. The independent Republic of Kenya was formed in 1963. It was ruled as a de facto one-party state by the Kenya African National Union (KANU), led by Jomo Kenyatta during 1963 to 1978.

What was East Africa called before?

Italian East Africa (former name for Italian possessions in eastern Africa) Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia
Kaffraria, former name for Transkei South Africa
Katanga – 1960, Belgium granted independence to the Congolese province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Malagasy Republic Madagascar

Why were the British interested in East Africa?

Why were the British so interested in East Africa? The British were so interested in East Africa because control of East Africa would also connect the British Empire in Africa from South Africa to Egypt. The other countries that claimed parts of East Africa were Germany, Portugal, and Belgium.

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