Question: What are the factors that influence digital divide in South Africa?

What factors influence the digital divide?

However, research shows that the digital divide is more than just an access issue and cannot be alleviated merely by providing the necessary equipment. There are at least three factors at play: information accessibility, information utilization, and information receptiveness.

How does gender affect digital divide in South Africa?

The gender digital gap is evident in the corporate world too. In South Africa, women make up 5% of CEOs in ICT companies as compared to 22.5% in the United States. … Women will suffer in the 4IR as they are less likely to be part of areas where adoption of new technology will lead to job creation.

What are the causes of global digital divide?

Instead, the divide persists today despite the mass marketing of electronic devices with Internet access. The causes can range from the high price of the above-mentioned devices to the lack of knowledge about their use or the lack of infrastructure for their access.

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How does digital divide affect poverty in South Africa?

The digital divide affects poverty and people living in poverty by limiting the access to achieve enhancement of both social and cultural capital. … For those that can neither afford nor keep up with our ever-advancing world of technology, their state of poverty only worsens.

What are the 3 stages of digital divide?

Nielsen has suggested that the digital divide consists of three stages (economic, usability, and empowerment), of which the economic stage is virtually solved.

What are the types of digital divide?

3 Types of Digital Divide

  • Gender Divide. According to a 2013 report, the internet gender gap is striking especially in developing countries. …
  • Social Divide. Internet access creates relationships and social circles among people with shared interests. …
  • Universal Access Divide.


How do you narrow the digital divide in South Africa?

Below are solutions that can help narrow the digital divide gap.

  1. 1) Increase affordability. …
  2. 2) Empowering users. …
  3. 3) Improve the relevance of online content. …
  4. 4) Internet infrastructure development. …
  5. 5) Address gender gap in internet access.


How does digital divide affect age?

The term “digital divide” refers to the tendency for older adults to be less likely to use the internet than younger people, and for those older adults who do access the internet to do so less. … However, within each demographic subcategory, older adults have lower rates of internet usage than younger people3 .

What does Digital Divide mean?

The idea of the “digital divide” refers to the growing gap between the underprivileged members of society, especially the poor, rural, elderly, and handicapped portion of the population who do not have access to computers or the internet; and the wealthy, middle-class, and young Americans living in urban and suburban …

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How can we prevent digital divide?

Schools can address this digital divide in several ways.

  1. Adjust Resources and Assignments. Perhaps the simplest way to close the divide is to reduce the need for home Internet connectivity. …
  2. Expand Access at School. …
  3. Work with the Community. …
  4. Inform Parents About Low-Cost Access.

What is Digital Divide and why is it important?

The term ‘digital divide’ is used to cover a broad range of social differences in access to and use of digital equipment and services, most notably personal com- puters, and the ability to access the internet in terms of both physical connection and facility of use.

What countries are most affected by the digital divide?

What countries are suffering from the digital divide?

  • Africa. Countries in the most dire need: Ghana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mali. Africa has a population of a whopping 884 million. …
  • Asia and the Middle East. Countries in most dire need: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan. …
  • Latin America. Countries in the most dire need: Ecuador, Columbia, El Salvador.

How does education affect the digital divide in South Africa?

There is a huge digital divide in South Africa that has had a significant impact on education during the pandemic. … It also aims to provide equal access to affordable vocational training, to eliminate gender and wealth disparities, and achieve universal access to a quality higher education.”

What is the digital divide in education?

The digital divide in education is the gap between those with sufficient knowledge of and access to technology and those without, according to the ACT Center for Equity in Learning. To examine the divide requires looking at who can connect to what and how they do so.

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How does the digital divide affect employment?

Many have linked the digital divide to poor economic and social outcomes, such as fewer job opportunities, less competitive economies, or lower student performance, showing how it exacerbates existing inequalities along racial and other social lines.

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