Is there a bullet train in South Africa?

All Aboard South Africa’s High-Speed Train South Africa’s Gautrain — the continent’s first rapid rail system — links Pretoria and Johannesburg. It provides a swift, comfortable and safe ride for up to 40,000 passengers a day — in a country with notoriously nightmarish public transit.

Does South Africa have a bullet train?

Bullet train

In his June 2019 state of the nation address, President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined his vision for a new state-of-the-art South African smart city and the introduction of bullet trains.

What is the fastest train in Africa?

The train, the Al Boraq, took 7 years and $2.4 billion to complete and runs the 320 kilometres between Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier, which lies on the northern tip of Africa, facing Spain. The train’s speeds put it alongside those of of France, Germany, Japan and Spain as the fastest in the world after China.

How many gautrain are there in South Africa?


Locale Gauteng, South Africa
Transit type Commuter rail
Number of stations 10
Annual ridership 13.97 million (2018/19)
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What is fastest train in the world?

The World’s Fastest High-speed Trains

  1. L0 Series Maglev: 374 mph. …
  2. TGV POS: 357 mph. …
  3. CRH380A Hexie: 302 mph. …
  4. Shanghai Maglev: 268 mph. …
  5. HEMU-430X: 262 mph. …
  6. Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF: 260 mph. …
  7. Frecciarossa 1000: 245 mph.


Which is the fastest train in South Africa?

Passengers wait to board the Gautrain, Africa’s first high-speed train, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Aug. 2, 2011. The train travels at speeds of up to 100 mph and makes commuting much easier for South Africans accustomed to congested roads and traffic jams.

What is the top speed of bullet train?

The trains will travel at a maximum speed of 505 km/h (the world record is 603 km/h).

How do I get from Tangier to Casablanca?

The best way to get from Casablanca to Tangier is to train which takes 2h 10m and costs MAD 100 – MAD 190. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs MAD 100 – MAD 160 and takes 6h, you could also fly, which costs MAD 1,000 – MAD 2,500 and takes 2h 40m.

Is Gautrain working during lockdown?

Are Gautrain services operating on level 4 of the lockdown? Yes. Following the announcement by the Minister of Transport, a reduced Gautrain services (trains, buses, midi-buses & parking facilities) will be operating as of Monday, 4 May 2020.

How much is a Gautrain Card 2020?

To access the Gautrain train or bus service, each passenger is required to possess a Gautrain Card with a minimum value of R30 loaded onto it. Alternatively, you may use your Contactless bank card to travel on the Gautrain, bus and parking included.

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Can I pay cash for Gautrain?

Gautrain Cards can be purchased at any Gautrain station using either the Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) or the Ticket Office. The TVMs are similar to an ATM bank terminal and accept cash and bank cards.

Which is the fastest train in 2020?

Fastest Trains in the World Comparison (Data for 2020):

Train Country Max Speed (mph)
Shanghai Maglev China 267 mph
Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF China 249 mph
Harmony CRH 380A China 236 mph
Shinkansen E5, H5 Series Japan 224 mph

Does America have bullet trains?

Amtrak’s Acela (reaching 150 mph, 240 km/h) is the US’s only high-speed rail service. Acela trains will reach top speeds of 165 mph (265 km/h) when new trains enter service, and 186 mph (300 km/h) in coming years.

Which is fastest train in India?

As of 2021, the fastest train service operating in the country is Gatimaan Express, with a top speed of 160 km/h (99 mph). A new 508 km high speed railway is currently under construction between Indian economic center of Mumbai and the western city of Ahmedabad at a top speed of 320 km/h (200 mph) along western coast.

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