Is Nigerian currency higher than South Africa?

₦ 10 R 0.33
₦ 50 R 1.67
₦ 100 R 3.35
₦ 250 R 8.37

How much is a South African rand to a Naira?

Quick Conversions from South African Rand to Nigerian Naira : 1 ZAR = 29.94556 NGN

R 1 ₦ 29.95
R 5 ₦ 149.73
R 10 ₦ 299.46
R 50 ₦ 1,497.28

How much is r1000 in Nigeria money?

For one thousand rands you get today 29,900 naira 01 kobo.

How much is 1million naira to rands?

For one million naira you get today 33,444 rands 79 cents.

How much is $50 dollars in Nigeria?

For fifty dollars you get today 20,495 naira 50 kobo.

USD to NGN Table.

$1 = ₦409.91
$10 = ₦4,099.10
$20 = ₦8,198.20
$50 = ₦20,495.51

How much is South Africa flight ticket from Nigeria?

Flights to Cities in South Africa

Flights Lowest Price
Lagos to Johannesburg $462
Lagos to Cape Town $526
Lagos to Durban $257453
Lagos to Port Elizabeth, South Africa $276221
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How much is South Africa visa fee in Nigeria?

Our Visa service costs between 80 USD to 275 USD, that is, about 30,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira on the average.

South Africa Visa Fees.

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Business Visa 6 days 3 months
Corporate Visa 6 days 3 months
Work Visa 6 3 months

What is the highest currency in Africa?

Libyan Dinar is the most valuable currency in Africa. 1. Libyan Dinar (1 USD – 1.43 LYD).

How many dollars is r1000?

For one thousand rands you get today 72 dollars 94 cents.

ZAR to USD Table.

R100 = $7.29
R500 = $36.47
R1,000 = $72.94

How much is R400 in Nigeria?

400 South African Rand Currency Matrix

400 ZAR R400= $29.07 R400= ₹2117.64
Convert 400 ZAR in USD 400 ZAR in INR
400 NGN ₦400= $0.97 ₦400= ₹70.77
Convert 400 NGN in USD 400 NGN in INR

What can you buy with 1 million Naira in Nigeria?

Business I can start with 1 million naira in Nigeria

  • Opening a small supermarket. …
  • Opening a small restaurant. …
  • Boutique business. …
  • Phone and computer accessory business. …
  • Bakery business. …
  • Producing yoghurt and ice cream. …
  • Poultry farming. …
  • Fish farming.


How much is a loaf of bread in Nigeria?

Average prices of selected food products in Nigeria as of February 2021 (in Naira)

Characteristic Prices in Nigerian Naira
Bread sliced 500g 326.61
Bread unsliced 500g 308.07
Broken rice (Ofada) , 1kg 462.42
Catfish (Obokun), fresh, 1kg 1,073.34

How can I send money from Nigeria to South Africa?

Open an account online with one of the money transfer operators of your choice. Set-up your transfer and provide your beneficiary bank details in Nigeria. Pay for your transfer in ZAR by wire transfer, debit or credit card. The money is on its way to Nigeria

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Is 50 dollars a lot in Nigeria?

To answer your question, $50 is worth just about NGN17,750 (using $1 = NGN355). Where NGN represents Nigerian Naira. You can only do grocery shopping with that amount of money and if you’re a spender, that may not last you more than a day.

How can I get money from USA to Nigeria?

Some of the best money transfer services to send money to Nigeria from the USA

  1. Sending Money to Family and Friends: Remitly.
  2. Best Exchange Rates: Wise (formerly known as TransferWise)
  3. Sending Cash to be Picked Up: WorldRemit.
  4. Paying in Person: Western Union.
  5. Best Big Brand: Xoom, powered by PayPal.

How much is $100 iTunes in Nigeria?

How much is $100 iTunes gift card in Nigeria? The current price of $100 iTunes gift card is #30,000. This is the amount you will get paid when you sell your iTunes gift card on or

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