How much does it cost to hunt a kudu in South Africa?

The total kudu hunting packages South Africa cost on a 1 X 1 basis is $ 5 450. Cost of a kudu hunting package on a 2 X 1 basis is $ 4 950 per hunter. Observers are welcome at $ 900 for the duration of the hunt.

How much does a kudu hunt cost?

“Plains game packages” usually start at $3,000, and go up to circa $10,000 for a comprehensive hunt in a remote wilderness area with five to seven iconic animals. The average trophy fee for a Kudu is about $1,500, and after daily rates are added, a dedicated Kudu hunt would start at $2,000 or so.

How much is Kudu hunting in South Africa?

Trophy Fees US$ ←

Species Trophy Fee Male Trophy Fee Female
Greater Kudu $1,400
Cape Eland $1,900 $900
Oryx/Gemsbok $700 $500
Waterbuck $2,500

How much does it cost to go big game hunting in Africa?

With all this in mind, a 5-10 day African hunting safari package for several of the most popular species of antelope, like kudu, wildebeest, zebra, impala, and warthog, normally costs between $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the country, outfitter, and the specific animals hunted.

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Where can I hunt kudu?

The Limpopo Province of South Africa is the premier destination in the World to hunt the Kudu. Year round, we offer hunts for awesome Trophy Greater Kudu. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Kudu in South Africa, which makes it a suitable trophy year round.

What is the most expensive animal to hunt?

The most expensive species to hunt are known as the Big Five: the lion, elephant, leopard, rhinoceros (both black and white) and Cape buffalo.

How much does it cost to hunt the big 5?

Conservationists say that lion hunting is one of the most lucrative trophy hunts, with each outing bringing in up to $71,000 on average, which includes the trophy fee, a professional guide, transportation and lodging. Dr.

Where is the best place to shoot a kudu?

Shot Placement

If you’re after a good kudu trophy, you will want to avoid head and neck shots. Instead, go for the high heart or lung shot. Set your sight approximately one third up the from the foreleg and pull the trigger. If you go a little higher, you will probably hit the lungs, which will require some tracking.

How much does it cost to shoot a blesbok?

Trophy Price List 2021

Trophy Species USD ($)
Blesbok 400
Blesbok-white 700
Blue Duiker 1800
Blue Wildebeest 900

What is a South African kudu?

The greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) is a woodland antelope found throughout eastern and southern Africa. Despite occupying such widespread territory, they are sparsely populated in most areas due to declining habitat, deforestation, and poaching.

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How much does it cost to kill a lion in Africa?

For a lion, trophy fees range from $9,900 for a lioness, to $35,000 for a black male lion, according to Africa Hunt Lodge. The trophy fees, however, mainly go to anti-poaching efforts, according to the company.

What is safari hunting?

A safari /səˈfɑːri/ (Swahili: safari) is an overland journey to hunt or (in more recent times) observe wild animals, especially in east or southern Africa.

How expensive is trophy hunting?

$66,790: Cost of a successful 14-day hunt for a white rhino with trophy fees. A 10-day hunt for Cape buffalo costs $16,845 with trophy fees. A 10-day hippo hunt costs $12,245. $52,500: Cost of a 21-day lion safari, with lions, buffalo, leopard and plains game among species available for hunting.

What is considered a trophy kudu?

Horn lengths in the low 50’s are fairly common; 55 inches and over can be considered a really good trophy; and 60 inches and over is exceptional. Several methods can prove productive when hunting kudu. … Hunting kudu with less than 7mm or . 270 caliber rifles would not be recommended.

Can you hunt kudu?

Kudu Hunting Season: Kudu can be hunted year round without any seasonal restrictions. Greater Kudu have the longest horns of all antelope species and are the second largest antelope in the world! These beautiful antelopes are masters of camouflage and can be quite difficult to locate.

Are there kudu in Texas?

In Texas, greater kudu have become a popular exotic on game ranches and their physiological make-up is apparently well-suited for certain parts of the state, as witnessed through their success. Males will often weigh 400 – 600 pounds on the hoof and females are generally about 30% smaller.

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