How much does it cost to get your driver’s license in South Africa?

The cost of a legal learner’s licence is R108 for the booking and R60 for the issuing fee. A driver’s licence Code 10 test costs R240, and a Code 8, R228. The issuing fee for both licences is R228. Numerous attempts to phone the Randburg Licencing Department proved unsuccessful.

How long does it take to get a driver’s license in South Africa?

Your driving licence should be ready within four to six weeks. A temporary driving licence is issued immediately.

How do I get a drivers license in South Africa?

Getting a driver’s license in South Africa

  1. Attend a driving test center in the province where you are registered as a citizen.
  2. Complete the DL1 South African driving license application form.
  3. Complete the change of address of particulars (NCP) form.


What is the cost of making driving Licence?

Online LL/DL Payment Instructions:

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Type of license-related issues Old fees (In Rs.) New fees (In Rs.)
Driving Licence Fees 40 200
Driver’s license test 50 300
Driver’s license renewal 50 200
Renewal and issue of license for driving schools 2,000 10,000

How much do driving lessons cost in South Africa?

For car lessons, lessons tend to cost between R130 and R200 a lesson. Driving schools or instructors often offer package deals however – for example, you can buy 10 lessons ahead for a discounted amount (cheaper than you would pay for 10 individual lessons).

Can a foreigner get a South African drivers license?

The south African driving regulations for foreigners state that the permanent residence requirement does not apply to a holder of a diplomatic permit or a treaty permit. The license contains or has attached thereto the photograph and signature of the holder thereof.

At what age can you get your driver’s license in South Africa?

The minimum age to hold a licence is 18. Apply for a driving licence | South African with the exception of Code A1 for which the minimum age is 16.

How long is a driving test in South Africa?

Time limits for completing the test

Light and heavy motor vehicles yard test: 20 minutes including the pre-trip vehicle inspection. If you pass the yard test you will continue with the road test which will take between 20 and 45 minutes.

Can you buy a car without a license in South Africa?

There is no legislative requirement in South Africa that prevents you from buying a car without a Drivers License. However, you are not permitted to drive a car without a valid Drivers License.

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Can I drive in South Africa with a Zimbabwean license?

Therefore as long as the licence is valid it may be used to drive and if you obtain or resume permanent residence in South Africa then you have to exchange your driving licence for a SA driving licence within 1 year of this date.

Which country I can use UAE driving license?

50 Countries That Accepts UAE Driving License

Belgium Egypt
Canada Turkey
New Zealand Lithuania
Finland Jordan
Saudi Arabia Bahrain

How much is license renewal in Dubai?

Applicants older than 21 years are required to pay Dubai driving license renewal fee of AED 300. Other charges include AED 20 for Knowledge and Innovation fees. Customers younger than 21 years old have to pay AED 100 for licence renewal along with AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fees.

Can I drive in Dubai with Indian license?

Can I drive in Dubai with an Indian Driving Licence? No, you cannot. You require a Driving Licence issued by the UAE transport department or you should apply for an International Licence.

Can I learn driving in a week?

With a qualified instructor and a conscientious student it is easily possible to learn both the rules of the road and the mechanics involved in driving a car, including the operation of a clutch and manual gearbox, at low speeds and without other traffic, in a week.

What is the average hours of driving lessons to pass?

The average learner needs 20 hours of practice to pass the driving test, in addition to 45 hours of driving lessons. Once you’ve started learning, ask your instructor for advice about when you are ready to start practising between lessons.

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How many lessons do you need with a driving instructor?

If you have no driving experience at all, we recommend at least 7 to 10 hours of driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor. For less confident learners, it’s not unusual to book up to 20 hours of instruction.

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