How long does it take to become a legal advisor in South Africa?

It takes at least seven years to become an attorney and an additional year to become an advocate. Only some foreign-trained lawyers are able to avoid repeating their LLBs at a South African law school – as usually a South African qualification is necessary.

The basic requirement is an LLB degree from any South African university. Having achieved this, the next step is to apply to the High Court to be included on the ‘roll’ of advocates. To do this, an applicant must satisfy the court that he/she is both qualified and able to be a member of the profession.

Legal consultants typically demonstrate excellent communication skills, including strong writing skills.

Career Requirements.

Degree Level Juris Doctor
Licensure Pass state bar exam (Not always required)
Experience 3+ years of experience practicing law and 2-6 years of experience in specific legal consultation field
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At the same time, legal delivery– the ‘business of law’– has created a new category of trusted legal advisers that often are not lawyers. These trusted advisers are trained in business, technology, or process management.

How long does it take to become a lawyer in South Africa?

The LLB Law Degree should be completed in four years, however should you attend to the BCom Law Degree in addition it can take up to five years. If you graduate with a law degree outside of South Africa, you will have to contact the NFA to verify whether your degree is equivalent to an LLB in South Africa.

A person working as a Legal Advisor in South Africa typically earns around 37,800 ZAR per month. Salaries range from 17,400 ZAR (lowest) to 60,100 ZAR (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Pay Scale/Salary of Legal Advisor

Job Profile Average Salary (per annum) Mid-Level Salary (per annum)
Legal Advisor ₹588,906 ₹5,89,000

In the career as legal advisor, individuals generally work in the legal departments of large corporations. They work in an office set up. They might have to go to the court if required. But most of their time is spent in the office.

What is the difference between a lawyer and a legal advisor?

In India, a legal adviser is a person who gives advises in legal issues, and that person could be any who has legal knowledge. The legal counsel is a person who represents you in courts. … But legal counsel is a person who has the right to represent you officially by signing the contract in your legal issues.

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The two terms—“paralegal” and “legal assistant”—are still used interchangeably in the legal industry, but the growing trend is to use the title of “paralegal” for certified employees.

Can you work in law without a degree?

Becoming a solicitor without a law degree. Law firms actively encourage non-law graduates to apply for training contracts. … You can study any undergraduate degree, such as English or engineering, and then convert that non-law degree by studying a one-year law conversion course.

How do I become an expert in law?

Read Newspapers and online articles regularly to stay updated about the changes in the subject. When you thoroughly want to learn and become an expert in a particular subject, only knowing about the basic law may not be enough.

What other jobs can a lawyer do?

Here are five other careers to consider, as told by those who have already made the scary—but often incredibly rewarding—leap.

  • Author. As a lawyer, you exercise your writing skills—a lot. …
  • Legal Sales. …
  • Real Estate Broker. …
  • Freelancer or Contract Attorney. …
  • Recruiter.

Which university in South Africa is best for law?

The best universities in South Africa for finance, economics and law

Law and Legal Studies
University Rank
University of Cape Town 101-150
University of Pretoria 151-200
Stellenbosch University 201-250

What type of lawyer is paid the most?

Here Are The 5 Types Of Lawyers That Make The Most Money

  1. Medical Lawyers – $150,881 annually.
  2. IP Attorneys – $140,972 annually. …
  3. Trial Attorneys – $101,086. …
  4. Tax Attorneys – $99,690 annually. …
  5. Corporate Lawyer – $98,822 annually. …
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Is an advocate higher than a lawyer?

An advocate is a specialist lawyer who represents clients in a court of law. … While attorneys can only represent clients in the lower courts in South Africa, advocates can appear on behalf of clients in the higher courts as well. To become an advocate, one has to become a member of the General Council of the Bar.

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