How does the South African Constitution inspired the world today?

It gave its citizens the most extensive rights available in any country. … They wanted to solve the problems of the country collectively. The Constitution was based on social equality and justice. Thus the Constitution inspires democrats all over the world.

What kind of inspiration do we get from South Africa’s constitution?

1 Answer. The South African constitution inspires democrats all over the world. A state denounced by the entire world till recently as the most undemocratic one is now seen as a model of democracy.

Why is the South African Constitution considered a source of inspiration for all?

it is inspirational because: 1)the frame work of constitution is done by both blacks and white which is earlier hater of each other. 2)there is prestigious place for both Black’s and whites .

Which of the following constitution inspires Democrats all over the world?

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The South African Constitution inspires democrats all over the world. South Africa was a country which was looked down upon by many during the Apartheid regime.

Why is the South African Constitution considered one of the finest in the world?

The constitiution was formed keeping in mind the rights of blacks and whites both. Hence the constitution of south africa is called one of the finest constitutions of the world were the oppressed (those who suffered the attrocities) and the oppressers (those who committed attrocities) both were living in harmony.

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What are the types of inspiration?

“From the Head”: Rational Inspiration

The first type of inspiration is “from the head.” In business, and in many disciplines, it is often the most common source of inspiration and an essential one for many successful projects.

Which country has finest Constitution?

The South African Constitution is called the finest constitution of the world because it has accomodated all the classes of people in it. Indian democracy is the largest democracy but not the best.

Which country has the world’s finest Constitution?

Germany’s Grundgesetz, or Basic Law, is widely regarded as one of the best constitutions in the world.

Why is South Africa called a Rainbow Nation today Class 9?

Answer: South Africans call themselves a ‘rainbow nation’. Because there are Whites, Black, Coloured people and Indians in South Africa who have different skin colours. But they are living and working together as one people unified like the colours of a rainbow.

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