Frequent question: Who owns Shoprite in South Africa?

Type Public
Founded 1979
Headquarters Brackenfell, Western Cape, South Africa
Key people P.C. Engelbrecht, CEO Wendy Lucas-Bull, Chairman
Revenue R160 billion (FY 2020)

Who is Shoprite owned by?

Wakefern itself owns and operates 28 of the locations through subsidiary ShopRite Supermarkets and is the largest affiliate within the cooperative.

ShopRite (United States)

The current logo (2002–present)
Type Retailers’ cooperative Subsidiary
Parent Wakefern Food Corporation

Is Shoprite owned by one person?

ShopRite has grown into the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States and the largest employer in New Jersey. The cooperative is comprised of 50 members who individually own and operate supermarkets under the ShopRite banner.

Is Shoprite and Checkers the same company?

Checkers is a FMCG retailer owned by Shoprite that operates in Southern Africa. … Norman Herber, the chair of Greatermans department stores, was the founder of Checkers. The firm was later expanded and made successful by Raymond Ackerman. The Checkers supermarket chain is part of the Shoprite Group.

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What is ShopRite known for?

The Group’s primary business is food retailing to consumers of all income levels. Freshmark is South Africa’s largest fruit and vegetable distributor. They distribute produce to over 440 Shoprite Group stores as well as other retail outlets.

Is ShopRite owned by a South African?

The Shoprite Group of Companies (JSE: SHP), is Africa’s largest food retailer. It operates more than 2,892 stores in 14 countries across Africa. The company’s headquarters are in Brackenfell in the Western Cape province of South Africa.


Name Stores Countries
K’nect 7 South Africa

Which Shoprite is the biggest in Nigeria?

Coming in at number one in our list is the Shoprite in Lekki, which is also called the Novare Lekki Mall. As it stands right now, this is the largest Shoprite in Nigeria.

How much does Shoprite make per day?

8.64 million per day…

Why is Shoprite shares falling?

Johannesburg – Shoprite shares tumbled nearly 10 percent on the JSE yesterday after the continent’s biggest retailer flagged that alcohol sales and transportation affected its performance during the quarter to the end of September, despite increasing its sales during the period.

What makes Shoprite different?

Early investment in centralised distribution and logistics coupled with its close ties with suppliers has been the major differentiator for Shoprite. … Shoprite’s share price and dividend payments to shareholders have grown at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 20% since 1997.

How much does Shoprite CEO earn?

Meet the retail bosses who earn around R70,000 a day

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Retail group CEO Salary
Shoprite Pieter Engelbrecht R21.3 million
Dis-Chem Ivan Saltzman R12.8 million
Massmart Guy Hayward R12.8 million
Spar Group Graham O’Connor R11.4 million

Who owns Woolworths South Africa?

Woolworths Holdings Limited (JSE: WHL) is a South Africa-based multinational retail company that owns the South African retail chain Woolworths, and Australian retailers David Jones and Country Road Group.

Woolworths Holdings Limited.

Official Logo
Type Corporation
Key people Roy Bagattini (Group CEO) Hubert Brody (Chairman)

How many outlets does Shoprite have South Africa?

Today, with over 500 stores and over 20 million loyal shoppers across the continent, the Shoprite group continues to provide communities with a variety of food products, household goods, home appliances and value added services at the lowest possible prices.

How many Pick n Pay stores in South Africa 2020?

At 1st March 2020, products are marketed through a network of 1,925 stores located in Africa. Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: South Africa (94.9%) and Africa (5.1%).


End-of-day quote – 05/31
58.15ZAR -0.29%

How old is Shoprite in Nigeria?

Since opening our first store in Lagos in December 2005, we have launched an additional 25 stores across eight states in the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. We employ more than 2000 people, of which 99% are Nigerian citizens.

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