Frequent question: Where can I find gemstones in South Africa?

Where can I dig for gemstones in South Africa?

There will be no further supply once the known deposits are exhausted.

  • BLOEMHOF. Alluvial diamond diggings along the Vaal River. …
  • WOLMARANSSTAD. Soutpan Diamond mine. …
  • LICHTENBURG. Pienaars Pothole diamond mine. …
  • LOCH VAAL. Vaal River alluvial diamond diggings. …
  • JOZINI. …

What gemstones are found in South Africa?

Rough gemstones collected in South Africa

  • Aquamarine – faceting grade material, various shades – blue, green, pale blue and green. …
  • Feldspar – solid material, takes excellent polish, various colours, orange to dark red. …
  • Unakite – pink feldspar, green epidote and quartz. …
  • Sodalite – solid massive material, dark blue with white Ankerite.

What precious stones come from South Africa?

In gemstones, they are major ingredients in amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, garnet, peridot, topaz, tourmaline and zircon. Oxygen is a major ingredient in ruby, sapphire, chrysoberyl and spinel.

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Where are crystals found in South Africa?

The Western Cape , with Cape Town as its capital city, is a scenic, mountainous province with an equally beautiful coastline. The sandstone mountains have a granite basin. Clear and milky quartz crystal pockets are found in numerous areas, with the Ceres, Worcester and Villiersdorp areas yielding the best specimens.

Where is Amethyst found in South Africa?


62.3km (38.7 miles) 92.2° (E) ⓘGoodhouse-Vioolsdrift area, Orange River, Namakwa, Northern Cape, South Africa
78.9km (49.0 miles) 85.3° (E) ⓘRamansdrift Farm 135, Karasburg West, ǁKaras Region, Namibia
90.0km (55.9 miles) 88.2° (E) ⓘGaidip Farm 146, Karasburg West, ǁKaras Region, Namibia

Are Opals found in South Africa?

On home turf precious opal has to date not been found in South Africa but common opal in a variety of colours and patterns occurs near Postmasburg and Pella in the Northern Cape, in the Pilansberg and near Soutpansberg.

What is the National Stone of South Africa?

16kg Manganoan Sugilite, GIA Laboratory Certified, Smithsonian Exhibition Stone, I.Kurgan Royal Azel, Hall of Gems Smithsonian Museum 1981, Wessels Mine in Northern Cape Province, South Africa
Category Cyclosilicate
Formula (repeating unit) KNa2(Fe,Mn,Al)2Li3Si12O30

What gems are from Africa?

Precious Gemstones of Africa

  • African Ruby: The Answer to Burma Rubies. …
  • Rhodolite Garnets: A Unique Mineral Combination. …
  • Paraiba Tourmaline: From Brazil to Africa. …
  • Tsavorite: A Lucid Emerald Substitute. …
  • Topaz: The Hardest Silicate Gemstone. …
  • Tanzanite: An Exclusive Gift from Tanzania. …
  • Zircon: A Reasonable Diamond Substitute.


Which country has the most gemstones?

Country Diamond Production in 2015 (in carats) Average Value Per Carat
Russia 41.9 million $101
Botswana 20.8 million $144
Dem. Rep. of Congo 16.0 million $8
Australia 13.6 million $23
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What crystals came from Africa?

Crystals from Africa

  • Labradorite Tumbled Stones. Spectacular Labradorite tumbled stones with bright flashes of indigo, yellow, green-gold colors from Madagascar, Africa. …
  • Botswana Agate Tumbled Stones. …
  • Carnelian Tumblestones. …
  • Orange River Quartz Crystal Points.

Where are sapphires found in Africa?

The majority of the sapphires from Tanzania are found in three locales: the Umba River Valley in the north, and Tunduru and Songea in the south. The gem gravel of the Umba River Valley has been a major source of fancy sapphires for at least half a century.

Are emeralds mined in South Africa?

The world’s oldest emerald deposit occurs in the Gravelotte-Leydsdorp area of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Emeralds have been mined from the main emerald working, the Cobra pit, since 1927, although emeralds were discovered in the area much earlier.

Are geodes found in South Africa?

An amethyst-quartz geode from the Lebombo Group basalt-rhyolite sequence that occurs in the Jozini region of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The area is well known for its agates and geodes that weather out from the Jurassic-aged strata.

Where can I buy rose quartz in South Africa?

Rose Quartz from Northern Cape, South Africa

South Africa
Northern Cape Namakwa Orange River ⓘ Goodhouse-Wolftoon area Cairncross, B., Dixon, R. (1995) Cairncross, B., Dixon, R. (1995) Minerals of South Africa. Geological Society of South Africa, PO Box 44283, Linden 2104, South Africa.

Where is rose quartz mined in South Africa?

Riemvasmaak village in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa has unexploited deposits of rose quartz from several pegmatite occurrences.

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