Do they say cheers in South Africa?

While the term “cheers” is commonly used in English-speaking parts of South Africa, the Afrikaan-speaking population has their own term to toast to: “Gesondheid.” The word literally translates to “health” and sounds an awful lot like the German word for “health” (“gesundheit”), which isn’t all that surprising …

What is cheers in South African?

Cheers in Afrikaans – ‘Gesondheid! ‘

How different countries say cheers?

N – Z

Language Spelling Phonetic Pronunciation
Spanish Salud Sah-lud
Swedish Skål Skawl
Thai Chok dee Chok dee
Turkish Şerefe Sher-i-feh

How do you say cheers in African language?

Wherever you’re travelling with us, here’s a list of how to say ‘Cheers’ in some of our destinations. Enjoy! Africa: (Swahili): Maisha marefu! Afya!

How do you say cheers in South America?

“Cheers” is the equivalent to ¡Salud! in Latin-American Spanish, and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it many times before already.

How do they say thank you in South Africa?

South Africa

  1. Zulu: Ngiyabonga (Thank you to one person)
  2. Zulu: Siyabonga (Thank you to several people)
  3. Xhosa: Enkosi.
  4. Afrikaans: Dankie.
  5. English: Thank you.
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What can I say instead of Cheers?

What is another word for cheers?

prosit prost
salud salut
skol slainte
chin-chin good health
good luck your health

What do you reply when someone says cheers?

‘You are welcome’ or “you’re welcome” is the response to “Thank you” or “thanks”. Cheers is like ‘see you later’, ‘goodbye’, or ‘bye’. So you can say cheers in response, or one of the other examples. To clarify, if you want to thank your friends, you should say thanks or thank you.

How do you say cheers in Australia?

“Cheers, mate” is the same as the English word, Thank You, while “No worries” or No drama” translates to “You’re welcome” in Australian slang. If you notice, the word “mate” is often used. Click to see full answer.

How do you say cheers in 50 languages?

Always know how to raise a toast …

Booze 101: How to Say “Cheers” in 50+ Languages.

Language Spelling Pronunciation
French Santé (heath) À votre santé (to your health) Sahn-tay Ah la vo-tre sahn-tay
Galician Salud Sa-lood
German Prost Zum wohl Prohst Tsum vohl
Greek ΥΓΕΙΑ Yamas

How do you toast in Greek?

‘Yamas! ‘ Any time that you find yourself toasting at supper or a bar, yamas is a word that will be useful. The equivalent of ‘cheers’, you’ll find it difficult to say without a smile on your face.

How do you toast in Belgium?

This goes for any city we might not mention in this article. In Belgium (Brussels) it’s polite to stand whilst having a toast with friends. The Flemish (Antwerp & Ghent) actually raise their glass twice, during the toast (say ‘Sante’) and afterwards.

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Is it rude to say cheers?

If you say “cheers” in the US, people will think you’re offering a toast. In countries that use British English, “cheers” is fine in the informal situations that you mention. You can reserve “thank you” for more formal situations.

How do you say cheers in Israel?

L’chayim is used whenever one would say ‘Your health,’ ‘Cheers!’

How do you say cheers in Dubai?

Here is a guide to you on how to say cheers in different countries.

How to say cheers / slainte in different countries / languages.

Country Remark / explanation
Arabic Fisehatak (to your health) / Shucram (United Arab Emirates)
Armenian Genatzt (or Genatset / Genatsoot (“Life”)) Կենացը
Asturian Gayola
Across the Sahara