Can South African wine be exported?

It has been estimated that one in five wineries may not survive. South African wine exports make up roughly 50% of the total production. Since exports of South African wine are still allowed, support overseas is crucial. … For those in the wine trade, a list of importers of South African wine is available.

Is South Africa allowed to export wine?

While breweries, distilleries and wineries can’t sell their products in South Africa, they’re still allowed to export. … “Please do your best to support the South African Wine Industry by buying your favourite wine brands,” Spangenberg said. “Even though sales within SA are banned, exports are still open.

Why did South Africa ban wine exports?

The purpose of the ban was to free up hospital beds for Covid-19 patients rather than trauma cases caused by alcohol use and abuse, which is a common admission occurrence for South Africa’s hospitals, especially over weekends.

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How much South African wine is exported?

That halted wine exports from the country, which produces about 3.3% of the world’s annual supply. Despite the closure, which the government relaxed five weeks later, exports of South African wine totaled 9.1 billion rand ($601 million) last year, up 7.7% from a year earlier.

Can wine be exported?

As agricultural cargo, wine may also now be transported to those same ports of entry. Finished packaged or bulk wine may be exported to its export destination.

Can wine be exported during lockdown?

South African government banned wine exports during lockdown. … The government banned the wine exports during lockdown implemented in South Africa due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. The decision was announced by the government after the country moved from level 5 to level 4 restrictions regarding the lockdown.

Will wine be sold during lockdown?

The Western Cape government has welcomed a decision to allow the Sunday trade of wine at registered wineries and wine farms under the country’s new lockdown rules. … “Visiting a wine farm that is following careful health and safety protocols is an example of safe tourism behaviour during this difficult time.

How big is the wine industry in South Africa?

Yearly production among South Africa’s wine regions is usually around 10 million hL (264 million US gallons) which regularly puts the country among the top ten wine producing countries in the world.

What time do they stop selling alcohol in South Africa?

Ramaphosa announced in his address to the nation that the new curfew hours are from midnight to 04:00. When the third ban was lifted at the beginning of February, the sale of alcohol was allowed only for off-site consumption from Mondays to Thursdays, from 10:00 to 18:00.

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When can we buy alcohol in South Africa?


“The sale of alcohol by licensed premises for off-site consumption will be permitted from Mondays to Thursdays, from 10am to 6pm,” Ramaphosa announced.

How many wine producers are in South Africa?

Wine-Searcher currently lists 1052 South African Wine Producers.

How many wine cellars are there in South Africa?

Growth in wineries

2005 2017
Number of primary grape producers 4360 3029
Number of wine cellars which crush grapes 581 546
Producer cellars 65 48
Producing wholesalers 21 26

How many wine farms are in South Africa?

21 Wine Estates in South Africa.

How much does it cost to export wine?

Wine export charge rates

Wine FOB sales value for the year Charge base amount Amount of charge payable
$0 to $20 million 0.20% of value
$20 million to $70 million $40 000 0.10% of value between $20m and $70m
$70 million and over $90 000 0.05% of value over $70m

Can alcohol be exported from South Africa?

The transfer of alcohol from a point of sale to an area of ‘storage or safekeeping’ is also allowed. However, perhaps the only commercial exemption is that of exports. You can still order booze from South Africa – if it is to be consumed in a different country.

How do I become a wine importer?

Federal Importer Basic Permit: The first industry license required to be obtained and also the most important. The TTB (Alcohol and Trade Tax Bureau) requires that you have a letter from a winery willing to export to you before you can apply.

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