Best answer: Which is the largest private hospital in South Africa?

The Netcare Group employs just over 30 000 people and operates the largest private hospital, primary healthcare, emergency medical services and renal care network in South Africa. Netcare also owns the Akeso Behavioural Healthcare Group through which it offers psychiatric services across the country.

What is the biggest hospital in South Africa?

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is a hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, it is the largest hospital in Africa and third largest hospital in the world. It has 6,760 staff members, 3,400 beds and occupies 70 ha (170 acres).

How many private hospitals are in South Africa?

There are more than 400 public hospitals and more than 200 private hospitals. The provincial health departments manage the larger regional hospitals directly.

Who owns private hospitals in South Africa?

Discovery Health and MMI Holdings stand as the two major players in South Africa’s private healthcare system.

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Which is the best hospital in South Africa?

South Africa

ranking World Rank Instituto
1 1546 Netcare Group
2 1563 Life Healthcare Hospital Group
3 3665 Children’s Hospital Trust
4 4591 Melomed Hospital Holdings

What is the world’s largest hospital?

The Largest Hospitals in the World

Rank Hospital Name Capacity
1 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital 10,000
2 West China Medical Center of Sichuan University 4,300
3 Clinical Center of Serbia 3,500
4 Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital 3,400

What is the best government hospital in South Africa?

The City of Tshwane was the top performer, with an average score of 70% across facilities. This was followed by eThekwini and Ekurhuleni at 67% and 66%, respectively, and Sedibeng and Uthukela rounding out the top five.

How much does a private hospital cost in South Africa?

Depending on your city, the private hospital in question and the ward, a hospital bed costs between R1,200 to over R2,000 per day. This simply includes the cost of staying in hospital for each day and meals.

How much is it to give birth at a private hospital in South Africa?

If you don’t have medical aid cover in South Africa but wish to give birth at a private hospital, you need to prepare for an average cost of R20,000 for a natural birth, and up to R26,000 for caesarean at a private hospital, assuming a delivery with no complications.

Does South Africa have nuclear weapons?

South Africa is the only country to have built nuclear weapons and then voluntarily dismantled them. In the 1980s, South Africa constructed six gun-type nuclear weapons and had started building a seventh.

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Who owns mediclinic South Africa?

Mediclinic Southern Africa is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international private healthcare group Mediclinic International PLC, listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) with a secondary listing on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) and the NSX (Namibian Stock Exchange).

How many life health care hospitals are there in South Africa?

We fulfill our purpose, our vision and our mission across South Africa and Botswana. Our 49 acute hospitals are found in the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, Western Cape and Botswana.

How many clinics are there in South Africa?

Facilities. There are 4 200 public health facilities in South Africa. People per clinic is 13 718, exceeding WHO guidelines of 10 000 per clinic.

What is the best private hospital in South Africa?

2018 Top 20 Honours list for Patient Experience of Care:

  • Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital.
  • Busamed Gateway Private Hospital.
  • Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital (5 years)
  • Busamed Lowveld Hospital (5 years)
  • Busamed Modderfontein Private Hospital – new to the Top 20.
  • Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital.
  • Cormed Clinic.


What is the best medical aid in SA?

Customer Loyalty

  • Bestmed has the most loyal customers at 70.6%, above industry par of 68.8%, followed by Medihelp at 70.4%.
  • Discovery (69.9%) and Bonitas (68.2%) are on par, while Gems (60%) and Momentum (59.5%) have the least loyal customers, with Momentum showing a 4% decline in customer loyalty scores from 2019.


Which hospital is the best in Africa?

By indicators

1 (615) Kenya Medical Research Institute KEN
2 (637) South African Medical Research Council ZAF
3 (650) National Institute for Medical Research TZA
4 (736) Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi KEN
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