Best answer: How much does South Africa recycle?

It ensures they continue to contribute valuably rather than reaching landfills where they become useless. According to a 2015 report by the CSIR, just 10% of waste in South Africa was being recycled. Impressively, this small percentage still contributed R8. 2 billion worth of resources into the South African economy.

How much of South Africa’s waste is recycled?

South Africa sends around 95 million tonnes of waste to its 826 landfill sites and less than 40% of the materials are recycled, according to analysts at Research & Markets. Additionally, the nation produces upwards of 65 million tonnes of hazardous waste, of which only 6% is recycled.

How much plastic does South Africa recycle?

503 600 tons of plastics waste was collected for recycling. Of this, more than half was packaging – giving South Africa an input recycling rate of 45.7 %.

How does South Africa recycle?


  1. Colddrink and beer cans.
  2. Food tins.
  3. Metal lids of glass jars.
  4. Aluminium cans (eg, Red Bull), foil and foil packaging.
  5. Paint, oil and aerosol cans (leave labels on them so recyclers can see whether they contain hazardous material).
  6. Rusty cans can be recycled.
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Is there money in recycling in South Africa?

Recycling is a big industry in South Africa yet the jobs remain largely informal. Officially, the industry supports 7890 formal jobs but it is estimated that around 58 470 South Africans receive an income through the entire recycling supply chain.

Which city in South Africa has the best recycling?

When it comes to individual households, the “Western Cape had the highest percentage (20,3%) of urban households that sorted waste for recycling, followed by Gauteng at 12,7%.

How many people in South Africa recycle?

According to a new report, Environment, in-depth analysis of the General Household Survey 2002–2016, released by Statistics South Africa, 12,9% of metropolitan households self-reported that they recycled, followed by 10,8% of households across urban areas and 3% of households in rural areas.

Does South Africa recycle plastic?

South Africa currently recycles around 67% of all plastic PET bottles produced – this figure was 55% in 2016. Plastics recycling also saved 246 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions; the equivalent to the greenhouse gases produced by 51 200 vehicles.

How much waste is recycled in Africa?

reCyClinG has emerged across Africa, driven more by poverty, unemployment and socio- economic need than by public and private sector design. An estimated 70–80% of the MSW generated in Africa is recyclable, yet only 4% of MSW is currently recycled.

How many landfills does South Africa have?

The Department of Environmental Affairs (“DEA”) says 98 million tonnes of waste is deposited across South Africa’s 826 landfill sites every year.

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What plastics Cannot be recycled in South Africa?


  • Black soft plastic.
  • Black rigid trays.
  • Black polystyrene trays.
  • White polystyrene trays, containers, cups.
  • Plastic trays made from PET (marked with ‘1’ in the triangle)
  • Plastic contaminated with oil, paint or glue, or plastic bonded with paper such as laminated paper.

Can Recycling South Africa?

Used aluminium beverage cans can be recycled and back on supermarket shelves as new drink cans in as little as 60 days. Aluminium cans are worth money to collectors. Buy-back centres pay for every kilogram collected. … Brazil recycles 98% of its cans – South Africa should be able to get to this level by 2025.

Can Recycling SA?

Aluminium Can Recycling Process

Adelaide residents take their aluminium cans to Pooraka Recycling Centre, receiving 10c per can that is marked with “10c refund at collection depots when sold in SA”, or paid by weight on other steel cans. Aluminium cans are sorted and sent off to a treatment plant.

How much do you get paid for recycling paper in South Africa?

White paper can earn you about R2. 10 a kilogram, carton about 56c a kilogram and green glass bottles about R1 a kilogram (there are considerable price differences from place to place and they can change daily).

Where can I get the most money for recycling?

You can make good money (and get rid of clutter) by selling or recycling them. Many office supply stores like Staples and OfficeMax offer rewards for recycling. Each empty ink cartridge you turn in could earn you $2 store credit. If you use a lot of ink, you could be making up to $20 a month!

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How do I start a recycling company in South Africa?

Step 1: Plotting your roadmap

  1. Identify where to focus. Look around you, find what waste materials are available, then determine which ones are not being disposed of properly. …
  2. Determine your budget. …
  3. Draw up a business plan. …
  4. Secure financing. …
  5. Secure premises. …
  6. Hire workers. …
  7. Marketing. …
  8. Get clients.


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